Apr 272013

APR 27, 2013 – Cadets received a full day of indoor precision pellet marksmanship instruction at the Gateeway indoor rifle range.  Instructors Estes and Bushong provided cadets with classroom instruction on aspects of safety particular to the use of precision air rifles, instructed cadets on range rules and line commands.  Cadets were then devided in to two person teams and were issued rifles, slings and spotting scopes.  Cadets then received individual and group refresher instruction on steady hold factors and steps to firing the shot and also received instruction on the techniques of air rifle marksmanship which differ from the techniques that they have previously used in rimfire marksmanship training.  Cadets than shot the course of fire for the afternoon.  Cadets quickly picked up the new techniques and showed steady improvement.  Cadets look forward to returning to the range in the near future for more instruction.

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